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Tired of a less than perfect smile? Discover the transformative power of removable braces! Right here in Birmingham, we offer customised treatment plans that cater to your unique needs using the latest orthodontic technology. Join thousands who have already embarked on a journey to an amazing smile with One Devonshire Place.

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Discover the transformative power of removable braces!

People often assume that removable orthodontic appliances, like removable braces, are only suitable for children, but in fact, they are versatile and offer a way to get anchorage from the roof of the mouth, which isn’t as easy to achieve with permanent braces or fixed orthodontic appliances.

Removable braces, a popular choice here in Birmingham, can be used to address a variety of cases, including:

  • Problems with the bite, such as an open bite where there is a noticeable gap between the upper and lower front teeth
  • Keeping the teeth apart while other treatments are being implemented
  • Correcting deep overbites
  • When an upper front tooth is trapped behind the lower teeth

Removable braces are normally made of acrylic with stainless steel wires, and springs may be used too. They are usually discreet and can be removed for important social and professional events.

They can be taken out for eating and tooth brushing, which makes them much easier to keep clean than fixed braces. That said, this type of orthodontic treatment is not suitable for every case and, depending on the complexity of the issue, fixed braces and aligners are far more commonly utilised.

Each removable brace is bespoke and has to be constructed by a specialist laboratory. Here at One Devonshire Place, located in the heart of Birmingham, we’re able to source from a variety of labs around the world to ensure that your removable brace is the best possible style and fit for you or your child’s dental issue.

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These labs are all world-class facilities, and some, in particular, are at the cutting edge of orthodontic technology, such as Stefano Negrini Orthodontics in Ferrara, Italy, which provides an innovative service doing 3D printing in metal.

We can email a digital scan to the lab, which will send its design to an independent 3D printer. The printer sends the appliance back to the lab, where it’s welded and delivered back to us in a couple of weeks.

Innovative possibilities like these have inspired us to implement in-house 3D printing at One Devonshire Place, where we aim to deliver the highest clinical standards with innovation, experience and passion. We also use labs in the USA, Italy, Costa Rica, Germany and the UK, always aiming to source the highest quality work for each appliance.

For those considering Removable Braces in Birmingham, here are some key advantages

  • Versatile and can be used to support other orthodontic systems
  • You can still eat what you want, but not too much sugar
  • They’re easy to keep clean
  • They’re discreet

What to expect on your journey with us

You will need to replace your Birmingham removable braces approximately every two weeks. We can supply several sets of appliances at a time to keep your visits to the clinic to a minimum, although we will need to see you regularly to monitor your progress and ensure that the treatment is on track to produce a stable outcome.

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Why choose One Devonshire Place for Removable Braces in Birmingham? Here's what sets us apart

  • Our specialists have completed over 10,000 cases, ensuring extensive experience.
  • Benefit from our full range of systems, providing you with more choices.
  • Enjoy the advantages of private treatment with no waiting lists.
  • Pay as you go, making it convenient and accessible for all.
  • Take advantage of our free onsite parking for added convenience.
  • Trusted by 200 referral dental practices across the Midlands, ensuring our reputation for excellence.

Experience the difference with removable braces in Birmingham at one devonshire place

Choosing to embark on orthodontic treatment is a significant decision. At One Devonshire Place, we understand this and offer custom-made removable braces in Birmingham designed to make your journey towards a healthier, more beautiful smile as easy and comfortable as possible.

Why opt for removable braces in Birmingham at our clinic?

Tailored Treatment Plan: We offer a bespoke treatment plan crafted to meet your specific needs. With more than 10,000 cases completed, we have the experience to design the most effective treatment plan for your unique dental structure.

Advanced Technology: We work with world-class laboratories worldwide and utilise cutting-edge orthodontic technology, such as 3D printing, to create precision-crafted appliances for superior comfort and efficacy.

Convenience and Comfort: Our removable braces are discreet and can be taken out for important events, eating, and cleaning. This level of convenience makes them an ideal choice for those seeking a flexible, less intrusive solution for teeth alignment.

Professional Care: Our specialist orthodontists, known throughout Birmingham and the Midlands, have undergone extra training and have extensive experience. Their expertise, coupled with our attentive patient care, ensures you receive top-tier treatment throughout your orthodontic journey.

Affordable and Accessible: We offer a pay-as-you-go system and free onsite parking, making our financial and physical services accessible.
Begin your journey to a perfect smile with removable braces in Birmingham at One Devonshire Place. Experience a unique blend of professional care, advanced technology, and personalised treatment that sets us apart. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Dr Rob Slater

Removable Braces

We use removable braces to help change your bite temporarily to allow tooth movements to work better. If a tooth is trapped behind the bite a removable brace is useful to deal with this. Sometimes we can expand your teeth to help widen them and make more space, or push teeth backwards in your mouth more effectively.

Removable braces are difficult to speak with at first and swallowing and eating are also difficult. With full-time wear, you will adapt but normally speech is distorted while the removable brace is in place.

Anything new in your mouth will feel strange but at first, that is the only difference. The brace should not be painful when fitted but will start to ache as your teeth begin to move. Normal pain relief is all that is needed. Sometimes a part of the brace becomes more uncomfortable and if so you can come and see us for it to be adjusted. Eating, speaking and swallowing are more difficult at first, but all of these things improve hugely, as long as the brace is kept in your mouth full time. Full-time means at night and during the day. It won’t work in your pocket.

Normally removable braces are only used for about six months or less. We may fit the lower fixed brace (if you need one) during that time. We will monitor your bite and let you know when you will be ready to have your fixed brace. In younger patients who still have baby teeth, we may have to wait until more of the adult teeth are through to be able to start the fixed brace phase of treatment.

No it will not hurt to have it fitted.

Meet our specialists

Dr Robert Slater

Dr Robert Slater - GDC No.65931

Specialist Orthodontist
  • BDS FDSRCS MOrthRCS MSc, Specialist in Orthodontics
  • Pioneering founder and former chairman of the British Lingual Orthodontic Society
  • Vast experience as an examiner, trainer, publisher, and international lecturer
  • Started his career as a dental technician, gaining expertise in creating orthodontic appliances
  • Clinical Interests include lingual orthodontics, novel approaches to treating the individual and teaching orthodontics to postgraduates.
Dr Devesh Shelat

Dr Devesh Shelat - GDC No.209758

Specialist Orthodontist
  • BDS, MFDS RCS, MOrth RCS, MSc, RACDS, Specialist in Orthodontics
  • Holds a Master of Science in Orthodontics with Distinction from Newcastle University
  • Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons
  • Worked at Birmingham Dental Hospital and Birmingham Children's Hospital
  • Clinical interests include aesthetic adult orthodontics with the use of clear aligners, ceramic braces, and lingual appliances.

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