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Start your journey to a straighter smile by requesting a free smile assessment with Carol, our orthodontic treatment coordinator.

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All our treatments include in-depth diagnosis and planning by a specialist orthodontist and aftercare, and treatments may combine a mixture of disciplines (such as upper lingual braces with lower fixed standard braces).

We tailor our treatment to suit you, and your specialist orthodontist may discuss an option with you that involves us working with your own dentist in multidisciplinary treatment. In such events we will inform you of the price of treatment we provide before going further.

Discuss your perfect smile with a 30-minute FREE smile assessment on Zoom with Carol. Request appointment


A £30 booking fee is charged and taken off the £95. It is non-refundable if the appointment is missed. Request appointment


(under 18 years). A £30 booking fee is charged and taken off the £45. It is non-refundable if the appointment is missed. Request appointment


You can get a great smile with our Invisalign team in Birmingham, even if you're a grown-up or a teenager. Submit a Treatment Enquiry

from £4500
Angel Clear Aligners
from £3000

Angel Aligners provides treatment options for patients of all ages, from children as young as six to adults. Angel Aligners offer solutions for children such as a tongue position guide, tongue crib, and lip bumper.

from £3000

Labial braces, i.e. on the outside of the teeth with clear brackets on the upper teeth.

from £2000

The latest Enlighten EVO4 formula is the fastest and most effective yet. Its vegan-friendly whitening isn’t tested on animals and now comes with 90% less plastic waste. Submit a Treatment Enquiry (10% discount for existing or previous patients)

Mouthguards from £59

Custom-made mouthguards made for contact sports such as rugby and hockey. The price depends upon the design.

from £59
from £4000

A mixture of the above.

from £4000

Braces on the inside of the teeth.

from £5400
from £1200

A removable appliance (URA) is used on those with growth on the side to expand and create space for teeth. From £350 depending upon design.

from £350

A functional appliance is a twin block used for those who have potential growth to encourage jaw growth.

from £650
Removable retainer from £120 per arch

Removable retainer- Essix/taglus material used to hold the position of the teeth and made while you wait.

from £120 per arch

Gold brackets/champagne more discreet tend to blend in with teeth, not as noticeable as metal brackets but not as aesthetic as ceramic brackets.

from £350
Micro screws £275 per micro screw

Usually, two are required.

£275 per micro screw
Bonded retainer from £200 per arch
from £200 per arch
from £300