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We understand the concerns of gum disease, a predominant reason for adult tooth loss. By embracing regular professional cleanings with us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in the longevity of your smile. Let’s work together to keep gum disease and decay at bay.
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Why Should You See a Dental Hygienist

Proactive dental care is the cornerstone of One Devonshire Place in Birmingham. By making regular appointments with our dental hygienists, you’re taking a proactive step towards impeccable oral health.

Our highly-trained hygienists go beyond what even the most advanced electric toothbrush can achieve. They provide a thorough clean, reaching those intricate areas of your mouth effortlessly. While the immediate result is a rejuvenated, radiant smile, the long-term benefits are even more significant. The meticulous scale and polish process they employ eliminates the threat of plaque and tartar, both precursors to periodontal (gum) disease.

By integrating hygienist visits at One Devonshire Place into your dental care routine, you’re fortifying your defences against gum disease, a concern for 19 out of every 20 individuals. Choose proactive dental care; choose One Devonshire Place.

What can I expect from a hygienist appointment?

When you book a hygienist appointment at One Devonshire Place, you’re signing up for a comprehensive oral care experience. Your session begins with a detailed oral hygiene assessment. This sets the stage for the subsequent ‘scaling’ phase, where our hygienists employ expert techniques to meticulously eliminate any plaque and tartar accumulation from your teeth’s surfaces and gum lines. Using specially crafted tools like scalers and curettes, they efficiently remove these deposits.

Our hygienists utilise hand-held mirrors to ensure no area goes unnoticed, ensuring thorough plaque detection and removal. Once your teeth are pristinely clean and gum health is evaluated, they’ll treat you to a brilliant shine and polish, employing a gentle and silent air polisher to erase superficial stains. If decay signs are present, they might administer fluoride or an antibacterial gel to further protect your oral health.

At One Devonshire Place in Birmingham, every hygienist appointment is a step towards impeccable dental health.

What Sets Airflow Polishing Apart?

  • Deep Cleaning Without Discomfort: Utilising the power of airflow, our skilled hygienist can access the hidden areas between teeth and below the gumline, ensuring a comprehensive clean that leaves your smile not just brighter, but genuinely healthier.
  • Protecting Your Smile’s Strength: Traditional cleaning methods can sometimes be harsh on your teeth’s enamel. Our Airflow Polishing technique is designed to be enamel-friendly, preserving your teeth’ natural strength and integrity.
  • Ideal for Sensitive Teeth and Dental Implants: Recognising the unique needs of patients with sensitive teeth or those with dental implants, Airflow Polishing offers a gentle yet effective cleaning solution. Its non-invasive nature means everyone can enjoy the benefits of a clean, fresh smile without fearing discomfort.
  • A Pressure-Free, Heat-Free Experience: We understand the importance of a comfortable dental care experience. Airflow Polishing at One Devonshire Place ensures a pleasant visit with no applied pressure or generated heat, making dental anxiety a thing of the past.
  • A Tailored Approach: Every smile is unique, and so should be its care. Our Birmingham practice prides itself on offering personalised treatments. The Airflow Polishing service is adaptable to meet our patient’s specific needs and preferences, ensuring optimal results every time.

What is AIR-FLOW Therapy?

AIR-FLOW therapy is a revolutionary stain-removal and deep-cleaning treatment designed for optimal gum health. Employing a unique wand, AIR-FLOW combines water, compressed air, and delicate powder particles to meticulously clean and polish your teeth. Thanks to its innovative air-water micro-burst technology, it reaches those intricate spaces that traditional scaling often overlooks. The longevity of AIR-FLOW’s effects will vary depending on individual habits; for instance, frequent coffee and red wine drinkers might notice stains returning sooner. To sustain the pristine results, we recommend maintaining robust oral hygiene and making regular dental visits.

Distinct from teeth whitening, which chemically lightens teeth, AIR-FLOW is a non-chemical procedure that eradicates surface stains without altering the inherent colour of your teeth. However, after an AIR-FLOW session, your teeth will radiate their natural brilliance, looking visibly cleaner and brighter. Moreover, for those considering teeth whitening, AIR-FLOW can serve as an excellent preparatory step, enhancing the final whitening outcome.

At One Devonshire Place in Birmingham, we’re proud to offer the transformative AIR-FLOW therapy. Contact us to discover more or to schedule your session.

Essential Tooth-Brushing Tips

For a radiant smile and robust oral health, keep these vital brushing tips in mind every time you embark on your oral care routine:

  • Prioritise Pre-Brushing: Always floss or use an interdental brush before reaching for your toothbrush.
  • Stay Dry: Refrain from wetting your toothbrush before applying toothpaste.
  • The ‘Two’ Rule: Dedicate two minutes to brushing, and ensure it’s done twice daily.
  • Perfect Technique: For manual brush users, adopt circular motions. If you’re an electric brush enthusiast, trust its design and let it do the work.
  • Avoid See-Sawing: Eschew the back-and-forth brushing style.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Each tooth deserves attention—make sure none are missed.
  • Tongue Matters: Brushing your tongue is key to combating bacteria and keeping bad breath at bay.
  • Embrace Fluoride: Post-brushing, resist the urge to rinse. It washes away the protective fluoride.


For our younger children, nurturing positive brushing habits from the outset is invaluable. A foundation of good oral care can stave off potential dental challenges in the future.

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Addressing Tooth Fissures

Tooth fissures — those minuscule pits and grooves on the tooth’s surface — are especially prevalent on rear teeth and molars. Given their diminutive size, standard brushing often falls short, leaving these fissures susceptible to bacterial accumulation, subsequently compromising tooth integrity.

At One Devonshire Place, we champion preventive dental care. Our solution? Fissure sealants. These are a swift and painless approach, meticulously applied by our skilled hygienists to shield your teeth from decay. When you consult with our hygienist, they’ll expertly assess your dental landscape and advise on the suitability and benefits of this preventive treatment for your unique oral profile.

Comprehensive Oral Care at One Devonshire Place

Remember, prevention always surpasses cure. Recognising the initial indications of tooth decay or gum inflammation empowers our practitioners at One Devonshire Place to take swift, effective action.

Beyond the standard scale and polish, our dedicated dental hygienists embark on a holistic assessment of your oral health. At One Devonshire Place, we believe in personalising your dental experience. Our hygienists invest time to understand your unique needs, offering bespoke advice on everything from diet to dental routines, ensuring you achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

Ready to prioritise your dental health? You can call us at 0121 471 4004 to schedule your next hygienist visit at One Devonshire Place.

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