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Amara's Story

Join Amara on her journey with clear ceramic fixed braces at One Devonshire Place Orthodontics in Birmingham. Learn how her treatment transformed her smile and hear her honest opinion about the results she achieved.

‘I would say one hundred percent do it. The team here are so knowledgeable and really good at what they do. Also it’s just such a good boost for your confidence and it makes you feel a lot better about yourself.’ ~ Amara

Cameron's Story

Join Cameron on his patient journey to get the smile of his dreams at One Devonshire Place Orthodontics in Birmingham! Cameron talks about why he chose fixed braces, the treatment, and how happy he is with the results.

‘I would absolutely recommend one devonshire place for braces. I think Dev was absolutely incredible.’ ~ Cameron

Fallon's Story

Join us in this special video as Fallon tells her story of getting clear fixed braces at One Devonshire Place Orthodontics in Birmingham. Find out how a simple yet powerful procedure changed her life and hear what she has to say about the comfort, convenience, and confidence it gave her.

‘I would recommend this place to any of my friends or other people that needed braces.’ ~ Fallon

Assad's Story

Assad and his daughter did! Discover what they learned about getting an Invisalign treatment at One Devonshire Place Orthodontics in Birmingham. Hear from Assad as he talks about his daughter’s experience with the treatment and the benefits it has had on her smile.

‘My daughter had the Invisalign liners done, and the transformation has been amazing. It’s been life-changing for her’ ~ Assad

The Burbidge Family's Story

Learn from the experiences of The Burbidge Family about their successful teeth straightening treatment at One Devonshire Place Orthodontics in Birmingham. Dr Rob Slater, renowned orthodontist, explains how the process worked for them and why they’re so happy with their results.

‘I would recommend this place to any of my friends or other people that needed braces.’ ~ The Burbidge Family

Sarah's Story

Our patient Sarah has taken an amazing journey with her Fixed Braces. Join us to learn how Sarah transformed her smile from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few months!

‘He listened to what it was exactly I wanted. What was best for me as well.’~ Sarah

Eloise's Story

Take a look at Eloise’s journey with fixed braces at One Devonshire Place Orthodontics in Birmingham! See how she transformed her smile with this innovative orthodontic technology.

‘It’s definitely helped my confidence. I don’t mind smiling normally instead of having to smile awkwardly with my mouth closed.’ ~ Eloise

Hugo's Story

Join us as we follow Hugo on his patient journey with fixed braces. See how our experienced orthodontists can help bring out your smile’s full potential, just like they did for Hugo!

‘The maximum amount of time was 2 hours and then I could just come here
straight away, so within the day of breaking my brace I could get it fixed.’ ~ Hugo

Elaine's Story

Follow Elaine’s inspiring journey of getting fixed braces with one devonshire place Orthodontics in Birmingham. See how our orthodontic team is transforming smiles with our customised fixed brace treatments.

‘I wasn’t going to see anybody other than Rob…I’d seen enough orthodontists…the minute I walked in I liked him.’ ~ Elaine

Pauline's Story

Pauline has been on a long journey to her new and improved smile. Follow along as she talks about her experience with Invisalign® clear aligners and the life-changing results she’s achieved.

‘I know I can ask him anything… I always feel very comfortable coming and I enjoy my visits.’ ~ Pauline

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