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Looking for a discreet yet effective solution for teeth straightening? At One Devonshire Place, we offer leading clear aligner treatments in Birmingham that blend seamlessly into your lifestyle. Our clear aligners provide an excellent option for those who seek a less visible alternative to traditional braces.

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Discover clear aligners in Birmingham at one devonshire place

Looking for a discreet yet effective solution for teeth straightening?

At One Devonshire Place, we offer leading clear aligner treatments in Birmingham that blend seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Our clear aligners provide an excellent option for those who seek a less visible alternative to traditional braces.

Choosing Clear Aligners

Clear invisible aligners, such as Invisalign and Spark Clear Aligners, are innovatively designed to apply gentle pressure to your teeth, progressively moving them into their desired positions. This treatment method offers a way to achieve your dream smile without compromising on aesthetics.

Our clear aligners are custom-designed for each patient, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit. The aligners are discreet, making them an excellent choice for maintaining a professional image or for those who simply prefer to keep their orthodontic treatment under wraps.

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We recognise that each patient has unique priorities, and that’s why we tailor our treatment plans to your specific needs. Our patient-centric approach extends to our flexible payment plans, ensuring everyone can access the best care from a specialist orthodontist.

With us, there’s no need to pay upfront; you can pay as you go. Furthermore, our commitment to your well-being doesn’t end with the conclusion of your treatment. We provide 18 months of post-treatment support or even longer if you prefer.

For those considering clear aligners in Birmingham, here are some key advantages

  • Aesthetics: Clear aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to go about your day without feeling conscious about your treatment.
  • Comfort: Designed with precision, clear aligners offer a comfortable fit.
  • Convenience: Clear aligners are removable, making it easier to maintain oral hygiene and enjoy your favourite foods.
  • Efficacy: Although individual results may vary, clear aligners have been proven effective for a wide range of teeth straightening cases.

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At One Devonshire Place, our specialist orthodontists are skilled at designing and implementing clear aligner treatments in Birmingham.

Each treatment plan is personalised to meet your unique needs, ensuring optimal results. We work closely with you, providing expert guidance throughout your treatment journey.

Our commitment to providing superior orthodontic care in Birmingham is reflected in our state-of-the-art facilities, patient-focused approach, and the thousands of successful cases we’ve completed.

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Why choose One Devonshire Place for Clear Aligners in Birmingham? Here's what sets us apart

  • Our specialists have completed over 10,000 cases, ensuring extensive experience.
  • Benefit from our full range of systems, providing you with more choices.
  • Enjoy the advantages of private treatment with no waiting lists.
  • Pay as you go, making it convenient and accessible for all.
  • Take advantage of our free onsite parking for added convenience.
  • Trusted by 200 referral dental practices across the Midlands, ensuring our reputation for excellence.

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Clear Aligners FAQs

Not necessarily because they do not have the metal components in the way that fixed braces do. Some people find that the aligners covering the whole of the teeth including the biting surface is difficult to get used to. Most people get used to this though.

They can do and sometimes more than lingual braces, just because of the increased coverage of the teeth. Most people get used to this and can speak well with them in.

If one looks closely it is possible to see them as there is a thin coating of plastic aligner covering the surface of the teeth. They are quite difficult for most people to see though.

Compared to fixed braces on the outside of the teeth, they are more expensive because of the laboratory process and the monitoring and fitting of attachments to the teeth.

Most people will need attachments on the outside of the teeth but they are tooth coloured. The failure rate was far higher with aligners until people realised that attachments would help support a more efficient movement of the teeth.

Meet our specialists

Dr Robert Slater

Dr Robert Slater - GDC No.65931

Specialist Orthodontist
  • BDS FDSRCS MOrthRCS MSc, Specialist in Orthodontics
  • Pioneering founder and former chairman of the British Lingual Orthodontic Society
  • Vast experience as an examiner, trainer, publisher, and international lecturer
  • Started his career as a dental technician, gaining expertise in creating orthodontic appliances
  • Clinical Interests include lingual orthodontics, novel approaches to treating the individual and teaching orthodontics to postgraduates.
Dr Devesh Shelat

Dr Devesh Shelat - GDC No.209758

Specialist Orthodontist
  • BDS, MFDS RCS, MOrth RCS, MSc, RACDS, Specialist in Orthodontics
  • Holds a Master of Science in Orthodontics with Distinction from Newcastle University
  • Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons
  • Worked at Birmingham Dental Hospital and Birmingham Children's Hospital
  • Clinical interests include aesthetic adult orthodontics with the use of clear aligners, ceramic braces, and lingual appliances.

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