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Orthodontic treatment can be a costly
and time consuming process so once
you’ve reached the end you’ll naturally
want to protect the results.

It’s crucial therefore that you are prepared to be diligent about wearing your retainer after treatment. When dealing with adult teeth there are no exceptions — everybody wears retainers after orthodontic treatment.

When you receive your retainer

  • Your retainer will be ready for you approximately 15 minutes after the removal of your brace
  • Your specialist orthodontist will take two impressions immediately following the removal which will be sent to the practice technicians who make the appliances then and there
  • Our principal dentist, specialist orthodontist Rob Slater, is a qualified technician and has personally trained the staff at One Devonshire Place to construct these appliances

Why choose One
Devonshire Place
for orthodontics?

  • More than 10,000 cases completed
  • Specialist orthodontists have extra training and experience
  • More choice with our full range of systems
  • Private treatment = no waiting lists
  • Pay as you go
  • Free onsite parking
  • Open 6 days a week
  • Trusted by 200 referral dental practices across the Midlands

What To Expect

Your specialist orthodontist will emphasise the importance
of wearing your retainer at night to ensure your teeth don’t
move from their new positions and you will be advised on
how to look after your retainers. A fresh pair of retainers
can be made for you at any time on request.


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Pros of retainers

  • Essential for ensuring your outcome of straight teeth
    and a good bite lasts
  • Protects your long term oral health
  • Supplied immediately at the end of your treatment
  • Durable, provided they are treated with a little care

Meet our specialist

Dr Rob Slater

GDC No. 65931

BDS FDSRCS MOrthRCS MSc, Specialist in Orthodontics

  • Pioneering founder and former chairman of the British Lingual Orthodontic Society
  • Worked as an examiner, trainer, noted publisher and international lecturer
  • Began his career as a dental technician, creating orthodontic appliances

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