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Removable Braces

We use removable braces to help change your bite temporarily to allow tooth movements to work better. If a tooth is trapped behind the bite a removable brace is useful to deal with this. Sometimes we can expand your teeth to help widen them and make more space, or push teeth backwards in your mouth more effectively.

Removable braces are difficult to speak with at first and swallowing and eating are also difficult. With full-time wear, you will adapt but normally speech is distorted while the removable brace is in place.

Anything new in your mouth will feel strange but at first, that is the only difference. The brace should not be painful when fitted but will start to ache as your teeth begin to move. Normal pain relief is all that is needed. Sometimes a part of the brace becomes more uncomfortable and if so you can come and see us for it to be adjusted. Eating, speaking and swallowing are more difficult at first, but all of these things improve hugely, as long as the brace is kept in your mouth full time. Full-time means at night and during the day. It won’t work in your pocket.

Normally removable braces are only used for about six months or less. We may fit the lower fixed brace (if you need one) during that time. We will monitor your bite and let you know when you will be ready to have your fixed brace. In younger patients who still have baby teeth, we may have to wait until more of the adult teeth are through to be able to start the fixed brace phase of treatment.

No it will not hurt to have it fitted.