In the spirit of People Like us do things like this, I had been looking at the local businesses in Birmingham. They have had a tough time this year.  It has been a tough time for us all but the hospitality industry has been particularly affected.  One business that I have admired this year, in the way that they have responded to the Covid crisis, has been The Wilderness Restaurant.

I recently received an invite to take part in one of their cookery courses and put myself forward to try it out.  There were a limited number of places available.  The course shows you how to prepare and cook five courses.  They sent some difficult to find ingredients out and posted videos on their website.  In orthodontics, the work that we do is detailed and fiddly and takes a lot of planning. This course really appealed to me, while taking me out of my comfort zone.

I thought the course would gently lull me into proceedings. In the first week we were straight into filleting mackerel, as well as sourcing the best fish, pickling grapes and working with unfamiliar ingredients.

A week later and on saturday, in between other jobs at home, I was preparing the jam, and then at another point, the mushroom duxelles and eventually made a buerre blanc, just before the main event.  While the meal was tasty, it made me realise how difficult it is to combine all of these things, to serve them all at the right temperature, with the right level of cookery and with good presentation.  My effort was probably an abstract version of the professionals’ own versions of the dish.

I have had so much fun with the course and always look forward to the videos dropping in.  I am however looking forward more to being able to go to the restaurant and enjoy a fun evening out in a great atmosphere, when we can all do this safely again.

The parallels with orthodontics are definitely there.  A mixture of science and creativity with a focus on precision, to produce excellent results and all done during a crisis in 2020.