FAQ – Invisalign

The Midlands Orthodontic Specialists in Birmingham

Will aligners be more uncomfortable?

Not necessarily because they do not have the metal components in the way that fixed braces do. Some people find that the aligners covering the whole of the teeth including the biting surface is difficult to get used to. Most people get used to this though.

Will aligners affect my speech?

They can do and sometimes more than lingual braces, just because of the increased coverage of the teeth. Most people get used to this and can speak well with them in.

Will people be able to see the aligners?

If one looks closely it is possible to see them as there is a thin coating of plastic aligner covering the surface of the teeth. They are quite difficult for most people to see though.

Will there be a difference in price?

Compared to fixed braces on the outside of the teeth, they are more expensive because of the laboratory process and the monitoring and fitting of attachments to the teeth.

Will I have any attachments on the outside of my teeth?

Most people will need attachments on the outside of the teeth but they are tooth coloured. The failure rate was far higher with aligners until people realised that attachments would help support a more efficient movement of the teeth.

Will the treatment take longer?

It can do, particularly for more complex treatments.

Why do I need aligners?

If you want aligners and they are suitable for your teeth, it should be your choice. There are many other types of treatment available and you should not be made to feel that any one treatment is the only option for you. If you experience this, it is worth getting a second opinion from an unbiased specialist in orthodontics, just to check.

Would aligners be better or worse?

This depends on many factors that have to be considered, including your own personal feelings. We will take these factors into account when giving you advice.

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