FAQ – Fixed Lingual Braces

The Midlands Orthodontic Specialists in Birmingham

Will lingual braces be more uncomfortable?

This is not always the case but while braces on the outside of the teeth can cause discomfort to the lips and cheeks, lingual braces tend to cause more discomfort to the tongue.

Will lingual braces affect my speech?

Yes, in the first few days, but most people recover from this and very few people have an issue three months after the braces have been fitted. People who speak a lot in their job tend to improve their speech far quicker.

Will people be able to see the braces?

Not really, unless you show them off.

Will there be a difference in price?

Yes, lingual braces tend to be more expensive, due to the extra laboratory costs, the difficulty of access to the brace and the time taken to carry out adjustments.

Will I have any attachments on the outside of my teeth?

It is not uncommon to do this but most are temporary and tooth coloured and so very difficult to see.

Will the treatment take longer?

Not always and sometimes the treatment might be quicker. It all depends upon the type of problem being treated.

Why do I need a lingual brace?

Lingual braces are purely your choice. The main reason people choose this option is to keep them hidden, but treatment can be carried out in other ways.

Would aligners be better or worse?

This depends upon the problem, there are a few situations that aligners will work very well for. Most often the efficiency of treatment is better with fixed braces. Your orthodontist will give advice on this.

Can I mix the type of braces that I have?

Of course, often people will have a brace on the inside in the upper arch and on the outside in the lower arch. It’s your choice.

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