I saw an interesting study, just published in the British Journal of Orthodontics.  The study was carried out at Kings College in London, on 232 university students. The study was to find out if the appearance of people’s teeth affected their prospects of dating.

I noted that students were shown images of one man or one woman.  The images were changed to make their teeth look, either straight, crowded or gappy.  The images were rated for different things, such as attractiveness, intelligence, happiness, nervousness and how much they would want to go on a date with the person in the image.

The results showed there were far higher ratings for the images with straight teeth for attractiveness, and for intelligence.  The images with straight teeth also scored much higher for the chances of going on a date.  I noticed there were no differences found for happiness.  The students showed lower levels of nervousness were shown to be gauged as less in the straight teeth group.

The most significant findings were to be found in the likelihood of dating and the intelligence ratings.  They were far higher in the straight teeth group.

One of the interesting parts of this study is that intelligence was being rated as higher based on the appearance of teeth.  This does make me wonder how much job prospects could also be affected by dental appearance.