Last weekend it snowed quite heavily and lots of families were out enjoying making snowpeople and even the odd igloo.  On Monday morning we came to work and found a surprise.  Against the wall of our practice someone had made a giant snow person with a Yemeni flag on the top of its head.  Carved underneath was an arch and inside the arch was a metal tin with a message to donate money for people in the Yemen.


Lots of people walked by and were studying the unusual statue and our staff had photographs taken outside with the snow person.  We left a message in the tin to let the people know we made a donation.  It cheered our staff up and clearly it gained a lot of attention from passers by.


We were so touched that we made a donation of £100 to the Save the Children Yemeni appeal.  Until the end of February we have decided to offer a further £10 for each person who goes ahead with whitening and will offer £50 off this service for those going ahead.