I am really proud to have been asked to be President of the Midland Orthodontic Society.  The Society has been going since the 1960’s.  It runs a programme of Lectures on the subject of Orthodontics every year.  Our membership comes from all parts of the Midlands, as far north as Stoke and as far south as Hereford.  I was asked to give a talk to the Society at Birmingham Dental Hospital and presented on the subject of Digital Workflows in Orthodontics.


It was clear in giving my presentation that there is a lot of interest in Digital Technology at the moment.  While there are many good uses for it in carrying out orthodontic treatment, it’s important to be aware of its limitations.  There are a lot of different products on the market, some of which are very useful and others, not so good.  This has created a maze that can be frustrating to Dentists, Orthodontists, their Staff and Patients.


We have developed technology within our practice.  Our team have started using it to produce jigs for placing orthodontic brackets more precisely.  We can also remove braces virtually so that retainers can be made before the brace is actually removed.  There are many other applications we are developing.  I hope that during this year, we can run a programme that will help people carrying out orthodontic treatment decide on what is best for their own practice.


We are always looking at ways of improving our clinical delivery, while ensuring it is done to best effect.


Dr Rob Slater