On November 8th we are starting a major overhaul of our orthodontic practice in Birmingham. We opened 20 years ago this June and expanded into 679 Pershore Road in 2007. I have always been conscious that the two buildings are separate and wanted to bring the two together.

The building is Grade II listed and so it has taken some time to get the planning in place, having made our initial application in February 2019.


The car-park will be resurfaced and landscaped and the entrance will be widened. We are putting in a fourth clinic and upgrading one of the clinics with new cabinets and dental chair. A laboratory will be installed because we are continuing to build on the 3d printing that we do in the practice. There are lots of new products becoming available as digital technology continues to develop.

While this is an exciting prospect, there will be some disruption but we are hoping to remain functional as a practice throughout. We are doing this by closing down 679 and operating solely from 681 Pershore Road while the internal changes are made to 679. Once 679 has been completed, we will then close down 681 and operate from 679 until the project is completed. During this time the main issue will be noise and the reduction in space in our car park.


The current schedule is that work will be completed by the end of January. We think this is likely to be pushed back because of the difficulty with getting building supplies at the moment. The building company that we are using are ordering early, in the hope that delays can be kept to a minimum.


While we apologise for the disruption that we know will occur, we feel that it is worth it, given the rapid increase in the amount of patients that need our services. We have employed a second Treatment Coordinator, Andrea, who has been working hard with Carol to ensure the new patients are on boarded and able to start treatment at their convenience.

Our Specialist orthodontist, Devesh has been building his book and we are glad to have his expertise as we develop the practice further. We are now looking at the potential to invite another orthodontist to start working with us.

In the future we are looking to extend the hours that the practice is open, employ a hygienist and to bring another Specialist on Board. We are in discussion with a potential Specialist at the moment, whom we are hoping will join us in May.

If you have any questions about our refurbishment or have any issues with appointments, please let us know. It may be possible to offer a virtual appointment in some situations, if needed.

We are all very excited to see the work being done and are working tirelessly to improve One Devonshire Place in Birmingham. We want to continue to be at the cutting edge of Orthodontics and will use the best scientific evidence we have to help our patients decide on the best choices for treatment. Whether it is Invisalign, Lingual braces, Labial braces or other Aligner types we use a combination of listening to all of your issues and evidence to help with this process. The new practice will help us even further to deliver on this promise.