In time for National Smile Month, The British Orthodontic Society have released the results of their most recent survey. Among other findings, it revealed that more adults than ever before are seeking orthodontic treatment. In a press release the BOS said “80% of orthodontists report an increase in adult, private patients.”

Here in Birmingham, at our specialist practice, we have also seen a steady increase in the number of adults enquiring about braces and with options such as lingual (behind the teeth) braces and Invisalign, Gold braces and Ceramic braces, grown up patients are often pleased to find that more discreet options are available.  But is it just newer, invisible options that are drawing the adult crowds?

According to the survey, more than 10% of orthodontists said that their adult patients reported being influenced by bloggers or celebrities. There are certainly many famous faces who have made no secret of their braces and in more recent years, many YouTube and Instagram stars have documented their tooth straightening journeys too. When looking for real life patient experiences, the Internet is full of inspiration!

Another interesting statistic from the survey was that a growing number of men appear to be looking for orthodontic treatment than was previously recorded. In the past, adult patients had come to us from around the age of 20 years old and up and were usually female. As reflected in the survey, we are seeing a wider demographic of adult patients coming through the door these days, including more men and also older people. It’s wonderful to think that adult tooth straightening treatment is starting to feel more acceptable to a wider demographic and although the reasons behind needing braces may not have changed, we hope that it helps cement the idea that orthodontics isn’t just for children and is possible for adults of any age. There is a great blog out there called UK Adult Braces written by a man who had treatment with fixed braces a few years back. He often blogs about his own experience, what it is like to have braces from a patient’s perspective as well as providing interesting and useful resources for those thinking about having treatment. Worth a read!