At One Devonshire Place we are committed to the specific orthodontics treatment of the individual.  More and more we are finding that just a single type of brace is not enough to gain the best results.  In the last few weeks we have looked at combined techniques on many of our patients, like Invisalign and lingual treatments.  Some, where there is a need for early treatment to maintain space or create space, so that we can strive for better development of the teeth.  In other cases we are using 3d printed metal appliances to allow microscrews for intrusion of back teeth to close open bites.  We are using aligners in unusual ways to help musicians, this is a story in itself.


As time moves on the automation of procedures will increase.  For this reason we want to ensure that we mould this process for the benefit of the individual person. What are your aspirations do you have?

Do you play music?

Do you speak in public?

Are you a martial arts expert?

Are you in the public eye?

Do you need treatment to fit a deadline or your schedule?

Will a waiting list mean missing the rapid phase of growth needed for some braces to work?

Is your work schedule difficult to time appointments?

In orthodontics, monitoring of change is important, by reviewing children’s dental development.  We offer a monitoring service that enables us to define the right sequencing of treatment and crucially the timing of treatment.


If any of the above issues affect you or your children, we offer a free assessment.  To find out more you can see how we love to help at One Devonshire Place, Birmingham