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Over the past two decades cosmetic
alternatives to fixed standard metal
have become more technologically
advanced and reliable.

As a result the demand for them has surged, and many adults who put up with misaligned teeth for years have felt ready to straighten their teeth because it’s finally possible to do so in a discreet way.

Pros of

  • They are less visible than fixed standard braces and some
    appliances are entirely hidden
  • You will feel less disruption to your social and professional
    life during treatment
  • With Invisalign you can eat and drink normally and the
    appliances are easy to keep clean
  • There is nowhere better than One Devonshire Place to
    provide treatment with lingual braces
  • Our principal dentist, specialist orthodontist Rob Slater,
    was one of the first people in the UK to receive a master’s
    degree in lingual orthodontics, and the first orthodontist in
    the Midlands to deliver lingual braces regularly. He is a
    founding member and former chairman of the British Lingual
    Orthodontics Society, and was awarded life membership of
    the organisation in 2014.

What To Expect

With the fixed appliances your specialist orthodontist
will advise you on what food you should avoid and how
to keep your appliance clean. Your speech can be affected,
particularly with lingual braces, while your mouth gets
used to the appliance, and it may initially feel
uncomfortable next to the tongue. With Invisalign you
will be given a series of aligners to change every two
weeks or so, with routine check-ups. With fixed appliances
you will need the braces tightened regularly by your
specialist orthodontist.


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