Halloween is getting close and although in the UK we have less of a tradition of trick or treat, there is always a presence from Supermarkets and on television at this time of year. Whether it is Halloween clothing, Pumpkin carving or Sweet Treats, it is difficult not to be exposed to some of the traditions that we associate with this one night of the year.

The main issues that we see at our practice is that some patients have a lot of sweet things at around this time which can lead to broken braces or encourage patients to eat sweet things by reward. Trying to keep sugars to meal times is always better than having sweets more often than that because it reduces the number of times that sugars are able to attack our teeth. The simple answer is to avoid eating sugars in between meals.

Try to avoid anything too chewy or sticky, particularly if there is a brace in place. Eating sticky or chewy sweets increases the length of time that the sugar is in the mouth, can cause brace breakages and the stickiness can mean that residual sugar stays stuck to the teeth for long after you think you have finished eating the sweet.

Like all things in life, finding a happy medium is the best way forward!

Happy Halloween.