Straightening Matters

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Clear Aligners: What are my options?

8 commonly used aligner options What are the different aligner options? When it comes to dental aligners, there are a few different options available. These


Jaw Surgery There is a limit to how much teeth can be moved. While genetics will determine the size and shape of our jaws and

Eco Dental Products

As part of our commitment to improving sustainability, we have sourced products that will reduce our use of plastics, which we now offer in the

The Carbon Almanac

The Carbon Almanac We are delighted to announce that our practice, One Devonshire Place has become a friend of the Carbon Almanac.  Led by

Jaw Joints and Muscle Pain

As part of the assessment of patients, we carry out an examination of your jaw joints.  They have a long name: Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ for

Early Orthodontic Assessment

Could your child benefit from interceptive orthodontics? “What age can my child see an orthodontist?” and “Will my child need orthodontic treatment?” are two of

Cleaning with a brace

Cleaning with a brace. Braces are great at straightening our teeth, but they do act as a barrier to brushing them.  This means that your

Safe Orthodontic Treatment

Building a house on sand is unlikely to be a safe prospect and could lead to expensive problems further down the line.  The same is