Happy New Year!


It does feel strange to write that, considering the last 12 months and the difficulties that everyone is still experiencing.


As we move through the cold January weather, I thought it worth giving an update.  We are busier than ever because so many people want to start treatment with us at the moment.


The third spike in Covid cases and the new strains are all of concern as well.  We have, as mentioned previously, changed our procedures so that we are not producing any Aerosols.  As well as this we are using high speed suction during treatments that need it and have high speed filtration units that recycle the air in our surgeries, three times, every ten minutes.


We now have staff testing kits and so we will be carrying out Covid tests for all staff on a regular basis.  The clinics are being run to safe capacity and we have space to increase this because of being joined by Dr Devesh Shelat.  We are taking on more and more cases that involve treatments which are specific to patient requirements.  These are not possible as a kind of off the shelf process.  They need thought and consideration to provide tailored outcomes.


We are doing treatments that involve Lingual braces, Invisalign and Ceramic braces as well as metal braces in silver and gold.  We have had a few queries about how shipping will work now that we have left the European Union.  The companies that we use have branches within the UK as well as in other countries in the world.  This means that they are delivering to themselves first and then to us, which means that there should not be any delivery delays due to us ordering laboratory made appliances from companies in other countries.  So far we have not noticed any delays associated with border restrictions either.


Before Christmas we had a delivery of some food, after one of our clinics, from Eat Vietnam, as well as Alicia’s Micro Bakery in Stirchley.  So we wanted to thank them for the fabulous food that they made for us.  Here is hoping that the hospitality industry will come back stronger.  I am passionate about this because of the close link to what we do at One Devonshire Place.