The Midlands Orthodontic Specialists in Birmingham

Includes a FREE 3D scan (rrp. £330). Plus FREE retainers (rrp.£300) and 20% OFF Teeth Whitening with all orthodontic treatments.

All our treatments include in depth diagnosis
and planning by a specialist orthodontist,
and aftercare, and treatments may combine
a mixture of disciplines (such as upper lingual
with lower fixed standard braces).

We tailor our treatment to suit you and your specialist orthodontist may discuss an option with you that involves us working with your own dentist, in a multidisciplinary treatment. In such events we will make you aware of the price of treatment we are providing before going further.

How to pay

Pay in advance

Some patients feel
happier if their payment
is already taken care of
before treatment begins.

Pay as you go

Paying for
each appointment
at a time

Payment plan

Spread the cost of treatment
over regular intervals.

You can discuss this with us when you come into the practice and together we will work out a payment schedule that works for you

Price List

Consultation with our treatment coordinator


Initial consultation

Initial children’s consultation (under 18 years)

(refundable if treatment begins)



A £30 booking fee is charged and taken off the £95/£45.
It is non refundable if the appointment is missed.

Upper and lower fixed braces

(labial braces ie on the outside of the teeth
with clear brackets on upper teeth)

£3,200 – £3,600

Upper and lower lingual

(braces on the inside of the teeth)

£5,400 – £6,500

Upper lingual, lower labial

(mixture of the above)

£4,400 – £5,500

Single arch lingual

£4,000 – £4,600

Individual arch alignment
with standard braces

£1,200 – £3,200

Supplement for upper
ceramic brackets


Supplement for
gold brackets


Functional appliance


Removable appliance


Aligner treatments

(dependent upon suitability)

From £1,800

Simple fixed alignment


Tooth whitening (Enlighten in-house whitening)


10% discount if within 6 months
of orthodontic treatment

Removal of a fixed appliance
and fitting of retainers
subject to consent


Removable retainer


per retainer

Bonded retainer


Bonded retainer with
new back up retainer


Bonded retainer repair

£20 to £30

per tooth pad repaired

retainer repairs

from £50

bonded retainer


Micro screws

(usually two are required, ie £240)


per microscrew


from £55

depending upon design