NewsCovid-19 Update


The Covid-19 outbreak in the UK has been escalating so quickly in the last two weeks.  We have had to monitor the situation and sometimes react to changes on an hour by hour basis.  The situation has become extremely serious in some parts of the world.  Now it is clear that Intensive Care Units in the UK are now becoming over run.  NHS staff are struggling to cope with the volume of patients being admitted to our hospitals.

From today we have made the decision to see emergency patients only within our practice.  This is in line with advice from the British Dental Association and the British Orthodontic Society.  We have been touched by the positive attitude of our patients and parents that we have telephoned to inform.

We cannot say when routine appointments will be started again.  I thought it worth just outlining what we are doing at this point in time.  Staff will be travelling in private transport to be present at the practice.  We will aim to take phone calls and to arrange for emergencies to be seen.  Please try and be as careful as you can with your appliances.  This will help us reduce emergency appointment and help reduce the risk of transmission of the virus.  We are taking a lot of steps to reduce risk.  Anyone showing any signs of illness must stay away from the practice and self isolate in line with Government Guidelines.

Next Steps

We have noticed an increase in on-line activity from people trying to find out what we offer.  From Wednesday of this week, we are launching our remote service.  This is a free service to enable you to find out more about types of orthodontic treatment that we offer.  You will be able to book an on-line appointment, so we can then talk through your issue via your phone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop.

I am sure you understand that your orthodontic treatment should not be started without a detailed assessment of the bite.  This must include an x-ray view of the teeth and a full examination of the mouth.  The on-line discussions will at least give the opportunity to discuss the type of problem you have.  You will also be able to find out about the kinds of treatment that may be available to address your concerns.  Once it is safe to do so, we will arrange to see you and organise the start of your treatment.

The on-line discussions will be with our treatment coordinator Carol.  They will be by appointment only but reducing Face to Face discussions by using an On-line platform will help in reducing Cross Infection risks.

We are developing a landing page on our website which will give guidance on how to book.  You can then arrange appointments and a more detailed assessment once we are able to book appointments again.

We look forward to hearing from you and keep safe.

Best wishes

Dr Robert Slater