Your guarantee

Price List*

Initial consultation
(refundable if treatment begins)
Consultation fee for children 16 years and under £45.00
Upper and Lower Fixed Braces (labial braces i.e. on the outside of the teeth with clear brackets on upper teeth) £3200 – £3600
Upper and Lower Lingual (braces on the inside of the teeth) £5400 – £6500
Upper Lingual Lower Labial (mixture of the above) £4400 – £5500
Functional appliance £650
Removable appliance £350
Individual arch alignment
with standard braces
£1200 – £3200
Individual arch alignment
with lingual braces
£1600 – £4600
Aligner Treatments (dependent upon suitability) from £1800
Removable retainer £75
per retainer
Bonded retainer £150
Bonded retainer with new
back up retainer
Bonded retainer repair £20 to £30 per tooth pad repaired
Complex retainer repairs from £50
Replacement bonded retainer £250
Micro screws (usually 2
are required, ie £240)
£120 per microscrew
Removal of a fixed appliance and fitting of retainers subject to consent £550
Mouthguards from £45 depending upon design

How to pay

•  You can pay in advance by cheque, credit card, debit card or cash.


•  Pay by invoiced amounts as treatment progresses. An interim fee is required at the start of treatment.

To find out more call us on
0121 471 4004
or email us any questions.


To find out more call us on
0121 471 4004
or contact us us with any questions.