We are nearing the end of the first phase of the building works.  Our decision to get all works done in as short a period of time as possible means that disruption will be limited to a much shorter period of time than if we had done smaller amounts over a longer period. Thank you to everyone for their patience with this process.  We are sure that it will be worth the investment.  The number of people making contact to have orthodontic treatment is steadily increasing.   We will soon start to relax some of the Covid measures, once we are happy with the safety of doing this, although some may remain.


In a few weeks from now we will be swapping sides to start using the new facility in 679.  The building works will then continue in 681.  We are hoping that by the end of April, the works will be completed, including all of the work on the car parks.  We will have four surgeries and two patient lounges downstairs, a reception area, treatment coordination room.  We are developing a hub for payments and telephone enquires, a laboratory and a central sterilising area.  We will continue to use the existing x-ray room.  In the future we will be looking to add a patient instruction area.


The new upstairs surgery is in place and there will be a few visual surprises in all the of the working areas.  We will be able to move to having a central sterilising area which will give us more space.


We are really looking forward to launching the new practice here in Birmingham, with all that that will involve.  If you have any questions about specialist orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign, fixed braces and childrens orthodontics please let us know.


Best wishes

All at One Devonshire Place