The best time to start orthodontic treatment?

You have decided to go ahead with having a brace and want to take the first step.  For many this is the best time to consider orthodontic treatment but there are some occasions when it may be better to wait.  It is easier to talk about the times when it is best not to start orthodontic treatment because mostly, if you have decided to go ahead, then this is the best time.

Oral Health

If you have not recently seen a dentist and had a detailed, check-up then it is essential that you have one and mention you are considering braces or clear aligners.  If there are any issues, that need dealing with first, it is better to ensure that orthodontic treatment starts only when these are resolved.  The main issues are ensuring that your oral hygiene is good and there are no new holes in your teeth, but there can be other things.  If you have a history of gum disease, this needs to be stabilised before braces or aligners are fitted.  If there are any holes present in the teeth, they need to be restored before orthodontic treatment starts.  This means that any fixed brace is not hiding anything that is hidden away in between the teeth.

Some treatments are better done after orthodontic treatment.  If you need an implant or a crown, the space can be made right and allow a better appearance and function to some of these restorations.  There may be occasions where it works better to have a temporary crown fitted, roughly the shape of the ideal tooth and then the teeth can be moved.  After the treatment, the temporary crown can be replaced with a more permanent restoration.  There are some types of materials used for crowns, at this stage, that can be difficult to stick braces onto.


Where implants are being planned or any complex restorative treatment, it is important to see both the orthodontist and the restorative dentist before starting treatment.  This means that a plan can be made that is individual to your needs.  For example, an implant can sometimes be used as a useful anchor point to help move your other teeth.


Joint planning of treatment is a great way of making sure that you get the most out of your orthodontic treatment.

Interceptive Treatment

There are some treatments that are better timed for children when they are younger.  Some types of removable brace can be used to push trapped teeth and open space or reduce the prominence of upper front teeth.  These kinds of treatments need to be timed and there are a lot of considerations to bear in mind.  These kinds of childrens orthodontic treatment work better when there is active growth going on.  They don’t change how much growth happens but just help in guiding things in the right direction.  Once growth slows down, the effect of some braces such as functional appliances, tend to fade away. This means that if not timed well, the brace is less effective.  Functional appliances don’t generally work as well, the older that you are.


Music is another area that we are interested in at our specialist orthodontic practice in Birmingham.  Starting treatment in the lead-up to taking Grade 8 trumpet may not be the best plan.  We can sometimes carry out treatments that reduce the amount of time that a fixed brace might be needed and time this with life events such as a music tour or examinations.

Moving House

If you are about to move house, it is worth bearing in mind that you will get the best out of orthodontic treatment if one orthodontist is involved in your treatment.  It may be better to travel back to your original orthodontist to continue treatment or just delay the start of treatment until you are settled in your new home.  Nowadays, there are some treatments that can be reviewed via online video calls as well.


If you would like some advice on the right time to start orthodontic treatment, contact us and book a free ‘no obligation smile assessment with one of our experienced Treatment Coordinators. One Devonshire Place is a specialist orthodontic practice in Birmingham. We offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments to achieve the results you want – visit the Midlands orthodontics specialists for expert care.


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