The Carbon Almanac

The Carbon Almanac

We are delighted to announce that our practice, One Devonshire Place has become a friend of the Carbon Almanac.  Led by Seth Godin in the United States, Rob has been working with an incredible team of people from all over the world on a few of the projects.  The Carbon Almanac is a book that will be released in June, a book that contains huge amounts of information and will act as a basis for people to have a conversation about our Carbon Footprint, the Planet and Climate Change.  Jane Goodall DBE has given an endorsement, and many companies are becoming involved.

As part of the process, the team produced a book for Children called Generation Carbon.  Let me know if you would like a copy.  To learn more about the Carbon Almanac, you can simply scan this QR code.

This isn’t about judgement or trying to force people to change, but just about starting a conversation.  Four podcasts are being produced, one as a Podcast of Podcasts that covers the subject of Carbon issues, one for Children, a weekly interview and a triweekly podcast called Carbon Sessions, where people have a discussion on a subject such as jeans, leafblowers or even just the myths that are spread about Climate Change.  Rob was interviewed for one episode covering some of the issues around dental products.  There is a concern about micro plastics in toothpaste and just the scale of plastic use in the profession is something that we are working on but it takes a desire on the part of  Companies, Dental Practices and Patients.  Rob is involved with the editing of the audio for the Carbon Sessions Podcast which should be coming to a podcast platform very soon.  You can hear one of the Carbon Collective podcasts by following this link:

We will also be inviting people to become involved and interviewed.  You can leave us a message if you like by using speakpipe on this link:

If you send Tania Marien a message, the team can make contact, and you can join the conversation.

It’s not too late.

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