It’s mouth guard season!

By now everyone should be starting to settle back into a routine, whether it be new school, new school year or new course. A major part of most school and college curricular activities is sport and at this time of year rugby is one of the activities that many pupils will be involved with.

Any contact sport can be great fun but it is important to bear in mind that you should always wear a mouth guard when playing or taking part in any contact sport, to protect your teeth and jaws. Growing children really need a new mouth guard each year and if it is the start of a season, now is the time to have one made. Some children will not start until the new year when the hockey season kicks in, but being ready with a well fitting mouth guard is a good idea.

Custom made mouth guards
The best and most appropriate mouth guard to use is a custom-made one. It is possible to buy mouldable mouth guards from sports shops but I have found that many people find them difficult to tolerate because they can be uncomfortable if not moulded correctly. Custom-made mouth guards are easy to provide and are normally only needed for the upper teeth. The mouth guard will protect the upper and lower teeth, even if it is only made for the upper teeth. The upper teeth are covered by the mouth guard but there is also a wedge of mouth guard material between the upper and lower teeth, so that any blow to the face will cushion the lower teeth against the upper mouth guard. This cushion also acts as a shock absorber for the jaw and reduces the risk of a broken jaw.

One common problem that I see with mouth guards is that the need for a mouth guard can come at a time when someone has a fixed brace fitted. The good news is that it is still possible to have a mouth guard made to fit over a fixed brace. The only problem is that the mouth guard may not fit for as long, if it is not planned for. The tooth movements that take place will reduce the fit of the mouth guard if any type of brace is being used. Some movements are more likely to reduce the fit but others will have less effect. If you are having a fixed brace and play any contact sports, it is worth talking to your orthodontist about this so that you can get the best from your treatment but also from your mouth guard. Life doesn’t stop when you have a brace and at One Devonshire Place we like to make sure that you can “win win” when it comes to contact sports and your orthodontic treatment.

If you would like to have a custom mouth guard created. Please call 0121 471 4004.

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