The New Market in Orthodontics

It is becoming easier to make aligners in house. As a result the market is being flooded with lots of products claiming to be the answer to invisible orthodontics. The problem here is that it is product over individual. A lot of treatments can be carried out with aligners. Some of us really need other approaches which require thought, taking into account your personal needs. It might be that we treat you with aligners or it might be with a lingual fixed appliance. Treatments that try to align without attachments give less control so the teeth align less well.


The Covid pandemic has created a situation where practices are finding it difficult to take on patients at a time when the demand for treatment is increasing. People are noticing a few things: they cannot travel, have to wear a mask a lot of the time and are doing more zoom meetings. We have noticed that more people are becoming aware of their appearance because of this. The inability to travel means some are lucky to have more disposable income. The zoom phenomenon means more people come to see us having noticed an issue that they would like correcting. The mask thing means that braces can be kept under cover more easily. This means it is a good time for many to think about treatment. It might still be invisalign or lingual incognito appliances or normal braces.

The demand is increasing but the space in the books is more limited. We are fortunate to be expanding our practice and as a result we are taking on more patients, for now. At #OneDevonshirePlace we see you quickly and get you into treatment. This may not last because the book will soon fill up though.

As a customer you have a scan to show an image of your teeth before starting treatment. We can also manipulate these scans in a number of different ways. This can give you a good idea of what your teeth might look like at the end of treatment.

We want your treatment to be individual to you so that you can achieve the smile you dream of.